MA//B Senior Collection Debuts at UT Fusion Fashion Show

6 years. 2 degrees. 1 fashion show.

Mary Beth Newton, a senior designer at The University of Texas at Austin, premieres her unisex collection, “Wanderers,” for the UT Fusion Fashion Show.

Alongside 22 designers, MA//B showcases garments in the following categories: Activewear, Eveningwear and 3 Piece Collection.  In total, the 5 looks include womenswear and menswear, all representing her gender neutral campaign, structural silhouettes and innovative style lines.  

Her double degree in Sociology and Textiles & Apparel Design, provides MA//B the perfect outlet to express her creativity in fashion design as a social condition.  One area of interest she draws inspiration from is gender neutrality in clothing.  Androgynous yet timeless pieces are what MA//B considers to be her essential components when beginning a new collection.  

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